Xiao Bao - China's baby

31 images Created 8 Mar 2010

Xiao Bao is a four year old child who has been thrust into the celebrity spotlight since making his first TV debut nine months ago.

After a talent show in which he performed a Michael Jackson dance (then, he was only three years old) he quickly spread throughout China via youku (China equivalent of YouTube) attracting hits in the millions. Now he has been on dozens of TV shows which have been broadcast in China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, The Philipinnes. Last month he made his American debut on the Ellen Show.

A fascinating child with no fear and a love for the stage I have been accompanying him and his family. I have been focusing on Xiao Bao backstage prior to his performances and the huge family support of his mother, father and older brother.

Xiao Bao is completely oblivious to his huge fame here in China and treats every TV show whether recorded or live in front of thousands as one play time.

Below are two links of Xiao Bao dancing - one of him in his dance studion which has attracted nearly three million views and the other of his recent performance on the Ellen show.



Further information and captions are available on request. Interviews with the family can also be arranged.
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