Blind Masseuse

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A stones throw from one of the worlds busiest shopping streets, Mr Zhou works 6 days a week at a Blind man massage centre.

When four years old Zhou lost his eyesight after having a severe fever. At that time there was no cure available. 59 years later, A shanghai native, Zhou lives next door to the popular tourist trap Yu Gardens with his blind wife, whom they met at work Before China's opening up reforms 30 years ago, Mr Zhou and his wife worked at a State-run 'welfare factory' doing unskilled manual labour suitable for the blind. On closure of the factories the Chinese Disabled Persons' Federation provided Zhou a series of courses on how to massage. Being trained by doctors and professors it was here that Zhou learned what he likes to call the 'art of massage.' For 30 years, since 1983 he has been giving massages, before in hopsital departments but now, despite being retired, he continues working and his wife looks after the home.

Mr Zhou working six days a week depending on business can earn anywhere between 1000 to 2000 RMB per month. He also supplements his income giving private massages in this home on days off to old clients in his neighbourhood. Zhou and his wife have one daughter who lives and works in Shanghai, but fortunately has perfect vision.

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