Chinese Travelling Circus

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These are a series of images documenting the 'Monkey King Circus' A travelling circus which is registered to Suzhou town, in Anhui province, a place reknowned for its circus industry. The family and friends that run this circus though are actually from Huian in Jiangsu Province. They are a small to medium sized circus with around 20 staff members, three lions, one Siberien tiger and a moon bear.

Travelling circuses in China, once a large industry have now been reduced due to a lack in popularity. For the 'Monkey King Circus' however they travel to parts of the country left behind by China's economic growth and where the locals have no chance to see a zoo with animals as exotic as tigers or lions.

I caught up with this circus whilst they were performing in a small county called Dazu in the municipality of Chongqing. They were asked to perform here by the local government to attract buyers for a new neighbouring housing development.

The photos largely depict the performers back stage and the audience that come to watch.

More information is available on request.
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